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My works explore ‘The human condition’ and the anxieties at the heart of the human experience. I engage with art-making as a form of introspection and catharsis, often alternating between the two. I introspect on the nature of grief and violence, time and decay, life and death and the sensuousness of the human flesh but mostly my practice reflects on the nature of trauma. Previously studying to be a medical surgeon, the spectacle of surgery and the sight of cadavers often led me to introspect on the essence of death. My works are thus a purgation from the strict stoicism instilled within me by the profession.

My oeuvre encompasses renditions of the human body and two-dimensional and three-dimensional works, all characterised by the rough, violent treatment of the medium. My drawings, having roots in mark-making and primitivism are defined by furious strokes and a raw style of rendering whereas my installations are largely symbolic and thus enforce the spirit of existential philosophies. My creative process channels across diverse media like fine art, film and writing; And likewise my practice arises from the literary, the philosophical, the personal, the political and the institutional.

My art-making is thus a humanist endeavour born out of existential expressions of individual and collective afflictions and my ablution from a nihilist past. In the future I will be exploring both individual and collective memory and the intersections between the two. My newest body of work is a visual research into collective trauma as a result of ethnic persecution and addresses memories of migration, decay, home and abandonment.


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